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VerySimpleXML (a lightweight one unit XML reader & writer) v2.0.1

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VerySimpleXML is a lightweight, cross-platform, one-unit XML reader/writer for Delphi 2010-XE7. Use it for small well-formed XML files (like configuration files, interprocess communication protocols, etc.).

What’s new in version 2.0?

Support for these nodes types: ntElement (default node type), ntComment (comment nodes), ntDocType (Document Type Definition, but not parsed/evaluated), ntText (text only nodes), ntCData (CDATA sections), ntProcessingInstr (processing instructions)
Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac OSX, iOS and Android compatible
Support for headless xml files
Reduced memory consumption
Allows now processing of large xml files without line breaks
Node content is now read exactly as found (including line breaks)
Case sensitive/insensitve node and attribute name handling (use doCaseInsensitive option)
Write UTF-8 files with or without BOM (doWriteBOM option)
Support for attributes without values (single attribute type)
Support for the Delphi “nextgen compiler” and weak references for ARC
Added a lot of TXMLDocument compatible methods
Support for parsing the ntProcessingInstr nodes (processing instructions)
Support for Windows, Unix and even custom line breaks
Improved fluent interfaces

version 2.0

Xml := TXmlVerySimple.Create; // Create a new XmlDocument with default encoding “utf-8”
//Xml.Encoding := ‘utf-8’; // A more convinient way to change the encoding
//Xml.Header.Attribute[‘encoding’] := ‘utf-8’; // is still valid

// Add a new child node, the first child node is the DocumentElement

// Add a new book node to the document root
Node := Xml.DocumentElement.AddChild(‘book’);

Node.Attributes[‘id’] := ‘bk103’;
Node.Text := ‘A book’;

Supported XML node types

ntElement (default node type)
ntComment (comment nodes)
ntDocType (Document Type Definition, but not parsed/evaluated)
ntText (text only nodes)
ntCData (CDATA sections)
ntProcessingInstr (processing instructions)

Supported Delphi versions

Delphi 2010
Delphi XE
Delphi XE2
Delphi XE3
Delphi XE4
Delphi XE5
Delphi XE6
Delphi XE7

For on how to run VerySimpleXML on other Delphi versions see Wiki:DelphiCompatibility
Supported targets

Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit (XE+)
Mac OS X (XE+)
iOS (XE2, XE5+)
Android (XE5+)

Release v2.0.1


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