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Run two whatapps or any Apps on the same Android Device with parallel space

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Installing parallel space as an app to enable you have two similar App running in your android device

Basically with any android device, it doesn’t matter even if you use dual SIM. To run most social Apps with two different Accounts is almost impossible. say for instance in the case of whatapps, you are only allowed to use just one in any android device even if you have two different accounts. A restriction of that sort does not help many situations if the user wants to enjoy some level of privacy more especially when it comes to exposing information on social networks. Thanks to those developers bringing new and exiting innovations to users each and every day, for making it possible to many users now to run any app twice with different account using parallel space. Aside the main apps running on your android device, parallel space behaves as mirror of those apps but with a different account allowing user to have another life with other worlds on the same android device. Perhaps if you are familiar with Windows Virtual environment where two operating systems can stand in one single computer system then you are close to understanding what parallel space is all about.
In this article we are going to learn how to use parallel space as an alternate to install two similar android apps on the same Android device with two different accounts. I don’t know how this might be relevant to you but someone does really need this app to deal with a lot issues that might be bordering him/her. A typical example of this scenario could be carrying two mobile devices around everywhere whilst there is a way to have those two applications on the same phone.
You might want to wonder if running this sort of apps is accepted in your device or does consume more battery power than necessary, well running this apps is very flexible and has not been proven illegal to use yet and as of the battery consumption parallel space just run itself normally just like the other apps, so do the apps running in it but note that it will actually account for double power consumption as per your mirror apps running in parallel space.


Follow the link below to either download PARALLEL SPACE or go to the store.

Click to Download PARALLEL SPACE

OR if the above does not work for you !

Click here to Get to the Google Play Store

After downloading PARALLEL SPACE, the next thing to do is to install it directly from the store or check the permissions and install the single download.
When the app installs, it adds all the preloaded Apps such as facebook and others. In this tutorial we are going to use facebook as our example since it also depends on single account per android device at a time as the Rest also do more especially Whatapp. the image indicated bellow

parallel space (4) parallel space (8)

After launching the app, the grid pops up with some default apps pre-installed on the PARALLEL SPACE. You can always add a new app by tapping on the Plus sign bellow on the page shown above.

Let’s try one working example by adding some few apps to Parallel Space

parallel space (1)

The apps will be added automatically and all you have to do is to configure the app to meet your very need. try installing most of them to see it they work fine for you and uninstall those you dont have interest, and there is absolutely no limitation in the number of apps you need to install. it is all free of charge and anytime for you.

Blow are some of the apps installed in the Parallel Space grid

step 2

Things you need to note are that Parallel Space does automatic update for all the apps installed on it environment, this is because it keeps running at the background and when the base app is updated from the play store it take it up to the rest of them running and depending on them. If you need to share anything to an app that’s running in Parallel Space, you will have to select that option from the sharing menu and then choose the final app. Under settings, you get the option to invoke the app from the bottom left or right edge and, therefore, makes it easy to launch any of the apps configured in Parallel Space.

parallel space (6) parallel space (5)

Et Voila you now have the flexibility to use any Apps in your main android device Twice without any account conflict issues.
you can always leave your comments,questions or corrections bellow for further discussions.

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