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Reasons why a PC might crash

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Some Few Reasons why your PC might crash

Don’t wait until your PC crashes before you find out the course of those unbearable phenomena that has happened to you.
The first law of motion still applies here as the PC will not just have any problem if nothing causes it to do so. The frustration alone involved when your PC seem to run slow not to talk about now that it has a crash where you might not be able to fix it back again depending on what the course might be instead, all these could have been avoided if some little knowledge discussed below were taken into consideration.
In this article we are going to discuss some few reasons why your PC might crash and with that in mind you will be able to know how to handle your PC with maximum care.


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Overheating is not the first reason but one of the important reasons why your PC might crash because when this happens it directly overheat the central processing unit (CPU) in the PC causing the PC sometimes to shut down unexpectedly. This event can result in the computer having error at the next boot because the components of the computer are so sensitive to the extent that if predicted degree of stress the can capacitate at a time is exceeded they don’t resist it anymore but the only option they have is to go off the road either to burn up, blow up of do anything excepted sometimes. Some special PC will have up to Three cooling fun in them all to control the heat generated by the component as they all depend on electricity. to spare yourself from this event you need to use you PC in a Considarate temperature environment more preferably in an air-conditioned environment in order to help the cooling process of the system.


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Following Overheating, Power issues are very important factors to look at most rarely there could be a damage as a result of power fluctuations from the main power supply source as the current alternate every time unexpectedly. Another cause could also be unusual reboot of the system as we think nothing should be wrong with the system at a given time, more frequently the main cause of PC crashing as a result of power issues might be attributed the computer power supply as it turn to give bad output to the component being too high or too low voltage supply. When that happens you will be lucky just to change the power supply and get your computer fixed but when things go seriously wrong, the damage could be huge to the extent of affecting your motherboard and you can just imagine what a user you go through to get that fixes.and to prevent this from happening you need replace the power supply as soon as you detect any of these but in the case of power high voltage it is recommended to use power supply devices that has inbuilt inventor capabilities ie. UPS(uninterruptible Power Supply) etc…..


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Ever heard of a Computer Virus and the wonderful thing they can do with your computer? They corrupt the functioning of the computer system and when that happens they computer is told do scary and unexpected things, as Virus are known to be bad instructions that get infiltrated to the computer mostly through external sources like the internet and external devices, Trojan in the other hands are also types of viruses that even try to boot or become active immediately the PC boots and believe me when I say they can make your computer do things you can possible imagine and whilst the computer does that it behaves like a mad organ that is unaware of what is going on so can easily kill himself in the process of not having control on what is actually happening. Looking at it from that angle, to prevent this from happening every user needs to install an antivirus or any software that can defend the PC from malware entering the computer system.


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Computer Drivers are the software installed in the computer to enable the functioning of both internal and external Hardware of the PC. Sometimes these hardware are to operate with just one driver at a time but in some cases the computer tends to have more than what the hardware can use and consequently create conflict with the hardware as it interact with the drivers. Another cause for this conflict is that hardware could be missing its appropriate driver but will e forced to depend on a temporally one that might cause the improper functioning, and for some weird reasons hardware among themselves have conflict and these pointed out can cause the PC to if lucky Freeze and after a reboot the problem might be reduced but not solved totally until the main cause is taken care of or on the other hand can crash any part at all of the system depending on where the problem might be coming from. above in the image there is a hardware conflict with the system and that could always be checked by navigating to the device manager afer we right-click on the computer icon and we click on Device manager


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After a hardware conflict as a result of drivers incompatibility you might want to fix that by installing the one that truly works or initially no driver for a particular hardware that you try to install drivers for and as we said earlier drivers are kind of telling the hardware of the computer what to do. When things go wrong and the drivers don’t fit into corresponding hardware the computer replies back with its codes of honor called GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out). It would not respond well and might result into serious crashes and sometimes causes what we called Blue Screen. When that so-called “blue screen” comes up, you should immediately be aware that there is a problem relating to hardware and drivers. If you don’t wish for the Screen of death(Blue screen) you need to keep an eye of what driver you install to command a hardware system on your PC as all of them come with their respective drivers, the only thing is to get the right one for it and you will have no problem at all.


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These three things are the most causes of the Blue screen of death we had a look at earlier on.
When the Memories installed in the computer system are done they wake up one day and decide to give you problems by crashing you PC all because either they has been in use for a very long time without replacement or they have been over used over time. Some of the thing that can easily weaken your RAM memory or your motherboard include Playing Games, Using applications that consumes a lot of memory space before operating and a lot more issues relating to Graphics.
On the side of the Hard Disk some PC users don’t care even if the Hard Disk more especially the Local Disk is full and indicates a sign that no more data can be pushed further on the it. All these issues will eventually with no doubt cause system cash as it is more demanding from the PC. To prevent this evitable phenomena you need to get you memory checked from time to time by just removing the back of your PC and do some routine cleaning of the memory carefully with a white cloth or cotton taking notice not to remove any capacitor at the side of the memory or better still send to any shop for regular blowing of dust and little RAM upgrade if you know you are a Gamer or run applications that uses a lot of Memory space. And again check your Hard Disk for free space and delete or backup some files to free some spaces on the hard disk, in addition to that you can learn to defragment your drive to keep it safe.


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BIOS Settings is an obvious reason why the PC can fail so badly, this is because directly from the factory the system has been configured to work with a certain standard but with time setting like the CMOS and boot order changes in most cases can fail and result into a system failure leading to a minor crash.
Softwares on the other hand whilst some of them come directly with the manufacturer as the operating system Software and others as application systems, they work mostly with files written in computer instructional languages, sometimes things like Viruses tends to delete these file both in the OS (Operating System) or the Third party software, this also result in system failure leading to minor crash and in both cases (BIOS and Software). A factory configuration or system reset to default and reinstallation might fix those minor crash issues with the computer system.

And here we come to a short end of this discussion and with these tips in mind you can now avoid some easy but expensive events in using your computer for a durable period.
If you have comments, questions or corrections, kindly use the box bellow and we will respond to you.


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