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Introduction to Web Development and WordPress Concepts

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The concept of this simple viral word is the process that involves the design and development of a website for the Internet (The World wide Web) or Intranet (A private network). You can call it advanced but this simple concept goes beyond having a basic static page web page but it has no predictable end even in its complex state where the tools can be used to develop web applications for Big time Businesses, Agencies, Institutions and others.


you can think of a Website to be a collection of well arranged files and document made up of images, sounds, graphics, colors, links and other designs that enable users to navigate and get information from it. on this platform you are reading from a website called www.edcartech.com and this name is what is said to be a domain name. Technically www.edcartech.com is a domain name and on that files and documents are created to make a WEBSITE


HyperText Markup Language is the full meaning and it is a language used to create a web interface to be displayed on a website. Let’s think of it to be one of the basic things that make a website. HTML was developed in 1990 to insure and achieve the look of a website as per the interest of the user or the preference of the one developing it.


PHP is a script language that is used as an interpreter of the web framework on a server. widely known as Hypertext Processor it runs on a web server, being local or hosted on the internet. PHP script can be directly embedded into an HTML code running on a server. it is also used as a server side and general purpose developing tool.


JAVASCRIPT is a programming language used in the development process of web pages. it has the potential to integrate into the stated tools mentioned above. in advance web development it seems to set the pace and make things more easy and controllable to achieve tasks that seems almost impossible with HTML and PHP. In as much as it can be linked and used in the stated HTML and PHP makes it a core component of the web application.


This stands for Cascading Style Sheets, it determines and describes how elements are seen on a website. It can also determine the beauty of the look of a web page as a whole. CSS is a core component of web development.

Now comes the core part of this platform where all discussed above are going to revolve around. in the nut shell an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Most augured that it is just meant for Content development but i totally disagree with that concept because somewhere in this platform meaningful systems are design not to support content management but complex application that can be used in any other field.

If you are still not too sure of what this platform is all about then let me break it down in these simple words.

Basically this page and it contents is to get any slow web development learner to catch up with basic web development and the use of it tools to get started with a simple website, and if perhaps you happen to be an advanced developer I guess there are some few things you can equally add up from here to your Guru knowledge to get you the title you deserve in this perspective.

To get Started Follow the next post for amazing Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials in web development using very simple tools to achieve amazing things, don’t forget that you can always ask questions, contribute or correct using the comment Box bellow.


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