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How to root android device so easily

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Over the years rooting of android devices became less scary and meant for all people. today you are not suppose to be an IT Guru to deal with new rooting process all thanks to developers that felt the necessity of making things very easy for users enabling them to do this without any problem.
Rooting technically is to break into your android operating system in order to have full control over it and install, change anything at all in your interest deep down there in the operating system. There are so many ways to root your android device from easy practice to more difficult and dangerous methods but for today don’t worry there is nothing like scary in what am going to show you.
Well, Well, Well now that you understand simply why you might like to root your device and take over the administrative right on your android device operating system but mind you that at that point you are responsible to whatever happens next to your device and definitely you also stand alone if you end up destroying your system without having any idea on what you are probably doing!
Let’s take a look at how this is done and if you try this with no luck I guess you need to go with more harder and different approach that will require you to understand how android operating system is structured and how it works. All these because some devices won’t allow you to root them or have root access to them because Warranty as to if you have a problem with the device within your warrant period, Security is regarding the terms and policies of using an app on your device and Bricking when you perform an authorize action on your device like I said earlier you are on your own you don’t expect a free support from the manufacturer.

If our conscience have been cleared enough then I will like to begin telling you that for today I am going to take you through some few exercise to have root access to your android mobile device and you can do just almost anything with your operating system thereafter if only if you are sure of what you want to do at a time.


Kingoroot is the app of interest today and that is exactly what we are going to use and root our mobile device successfully. Kingoroot comes with two versions, the Desktop version and the mobile app version itself and for the purpose of this exercise we will stick to the .apk version which is the mobile version.

If you would like to do this with PC version software please click here to download the Kingoroot PC Version

Click below to get the Mobile version of Kningo root and let’s get started

if you are having any initial problem installing the kingo root you might be about your the source of your application is unknown see bellow

If seeing “Install Blocked” prompt, you should

install block

Click “Settings” and check “Unknown Sources” in “Security” section

install block

Press back and find “Downloads” app

install block

Click “KingoRoot.apk” to install it without interuption this time

install block


Step 1: is to download and install the mobile app of Kingoroot after the download if everything goes well up to now. just follow the few instructions to get the app installed and here it goes

install block

Your download should automatically start if nothing goes wrong but should in case you have any popup block or warning just click on okay and run on.

install block

Step 2: Now we Install KingoRoot.apk on your device.

Note: If you didn’t check “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security, then during installation, you will get a prompt “Install blocked”, stating that “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”.

install block

Once again if you miss any step up Just follow phone instructions and install Kingo Root on your device and allow installs from “Unknown Sources”

install block

Step 3: Launch Kingo ROOT app and start rooting.

Kingo Root is very user-friendly and easy to use. just Click “One Click Root” to start the rooting process.

install block

Step 4 after the step3 is successful Kindly Wait for some few seconds for the result screen to come. and here if the rooting process failed or is failing you could notice it by the device taking a longer time to respond to the command.

install block

Step 5: Successful rooting or Failure Notice.

and Bingo as per my prayer i hope you have it worked for you. if not It is highly recommended that you try several times when rooting with KingoRoot apk version. We have several rooting methods integrated in apk root, however, it will only run one at a time. so you need to try until the right methods picks your device and if all turns out with no luck there is a higher probability or success repeating the same process using your PC and dont forget to download the Desktop version setup from the link bellow

install block

It is always good to learn good and new stuff ! if you have something in mind about this post, always feel free to comment, ask questions or correct with the comment box bellow.
Stay tune, keep reading good stuff and sharing the most. All the Best.

  1. Edcartech
    December 22, 2017

    Norma Cranshaw

    Have been trying to root my tablet all night. Hope I got it right


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