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How to use two (Dual) Whatapp on android mobile device at the same time

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Hello guys! Do you seriously feel the need to running two Whatapps with two deferent numbers? Instead of using two deferent mobile phone device? Well today might be your lucky day if you pay attention to what I have to tell you.
For today in the article am going to lead you through a very easy process of getting two whatapps running on your android mobile phone device with no problem at all.
Actually I know of two apps that give you an opportunity to run Dual Whatapps on you android mobile device and they are GBWhatsApp or ENWhatsApp. But for the purpose of this article am going to recommend you using GBWhatsApp. And also show you how this can be installed on your device.
Technically there are two ways to install this app and which brings me to inform you that you can choose to go by any method of your choice first and if you are not satisfy with one method you can always switch to the other way. Either ways works very fine for me so just sit tight and get yourself ready for some small configuration settings parade.
To get started with! You can download the GBWhatapp application from these three download links

OR You always try and get it from here

OR Another link from Google Drive Rest

Now that you have your latest GBWhatapp android apk app ready let’s get started with the installation guide.
In method one it is all about doing some few settings and you can the app straight from your downloads folder or where it has been saved to.
Because your android device by default will reject apps not from the store and will treat them as unknown you need to tell your android phone to stop that security check for a while.
And in addition you need to backup your messages if would like to all your other number data back to new one.
1. Go to settings on your phone and click on Settings – Security – Unknown Sources.
Make sure you check the unknown sources box. The image below


2. Now go to where you downloaded the app to and run the installation


3. After successful installation open the application and follow the instructions just like the normal Whatapp installation. But here you don’t want to click on the copy Whatapp data if you have not made provision for that by creating a backup of your messages before uploading it like I said above, unless you want to go with method two where you can create a folder for your backup? Don’t click on the button that says copy backup if you do not have one.


4. After you go through all your process the GBWhapp app will be ready to use and you can always check it from the application manager of your device.


Now that everything is set you can enjoy your Dual whatapp on that your single android Device with no conflict or right illegality.

To be very sure on what you are doing you can always try and understand how this whole thing works with this process listed bellow
After you download the app using the links above! You want to do these few things before you run the app
1. Create a new folder in your root directory of the phone and name it to GBWhatsapp (Follow the same path where your original WhatsApp folder is present.

2. Now copy folder “database” from Whatsapp folder to GBWhatsapp folder.

Your directory structure will look something like this in the image below:

Okay after you are done with this few simple things now follow the METHOD 1 process up to Step 3 where you are to copy your backup file but this time around you have done that already so you just skip this process and finish the installation.
The difference in step 3 above and here is that in the first method you have to backup a copy of your messages before you click on the that button but here we were initially suppose to click there but you have copied the whole folder already in METHOD 2 Step2.
And voila you have it all running. I hope you will have fun and you can always post your comments below being it questions, contributions or correction they are all welcome after all the point is to learn new things every day. Stay safe!!!


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