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Best Websites to watch and download your movies for free

Hi there? Are you one of the movie gurus and fun of watching serious actions and series movies etc…?
I might say that if you have a movie website that you normally download or stream from for free without creating any account or going through a lot of formalities then it is your turn after reading this to share yours bellow in the comment box because you are about to drop that site soon after you try these few ones out.
Well, I am a movie fun myself and I had some couple sites that I usually download movies from but after I found these amazing sites I cannot help the situation with sticking to the old guy than to make good use of them and today here I am sharing with you.
In this article am going to reveal some few sites that you might probably have no ideas on before because there are just more than enough movie website out there but the question is: do most of them give you this free access to download or stream easily? if your answers don’t satisfy you enough then you might like to have a look at these few ones out of the lots that i have tested myself and am so astonished with the simplicity involved.
Like I said earlier I used to play around with some movie websites like Tubeplus and the rest but at a point those latest movies that I was really dying for were sometimes not available or even if in the library not in good Video definition, that is one of the things I hate most with these movie websites “So Called Cinema Version or Low Video Quality” Oh my God!! We need to get started.
Before I begin let me say that you need a good downloader that can automatically pick the download source for you to be downloaded and for that I will recommend just simple internet download manager well configured but some of these sites will expose you to a direct or indirect download links and you just have to follow them and get your interest fulfilled.


My asian movie

Ladies first! This movie site is mainly for Asian movie Fun where you have all kinds of Asia culture movies apparently ready for downloads with no any subscription or whatsoever. This site has been in existence for a while now and it has been able to provide the most Chinese, Japanese Koran and most Asian Culture Valued movies. This link takes you directly to the site


House movies

As the name says housemovie This is a real house of movies from the latest in line, Actions as well as TVs Series and more to find on this site. You can always try for yourself


My download tube movie

My downloadTube gives you a whole lot that you cannot consume in a day and by the time you come back a lot more have been added. This movie site gives you movies in Full HD Qualities. You can also Follow up here to get in


movie watcher

moviewatcher is another very powerful HD Movie site that you cannot afford not to have a look at. It offers TV series Actions, adventure and other movies types you can ever think off.


Movie Flexer

movieflixer A very new but powerful movie streaming and download site that will make you forget about other ones you have in the line just give it a try it is wealth it !



With Fmovies you can watch all varieties of movies online in a high definition format as well as download them if you have a very good download Manager like I said earlier on. FMovies presents you with Hollywood and all sort of movies free for download and streaming.


new movies online

The last but definitely not the least newmoviesonline a very new but powerful movie website that will blow your mind. If you just heard of a movie today ! just go to newmoviesonline you will see the difference.

Now that we have some few sites in mind why don’t you take a look at them to see what you can find if you are really up to the task of keeping yourself busy with movie time ! And before you go if you have any additions or comments even corrections you are always welcome to do so and as always remember: the point is to learn new things that might be residing in people’s backyard for so long so you have to let it out to the world. Stay safe and Have fun.

  1. Edcartech
    November 14, 2017


    Nice Share, Keep working hard!! 🙂

    • Edcartech
      November 16, 2017


      Thank you Sir. Come check later for some more.


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