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How to speed up internet connections on android device

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Internet as the interconnection of many networks in the world has become part of most mobile users’ life and the demand for it services has grown so huge in the past years, still growing so fast that every lay person has got an idea of what internet is! Do not be surprised with this concept because most people are using mobile phones in our societies and they are mostly on different and various networks as well as their subscriptions so if you ask a lay person sometimes of the reasons why perhaps you called him or her and there was no response! Most often the answer is “There was network problem”. So believe me when I say they have an idea!!
Now realizing the growth and demand of this wonderful service you can just imagine the amount of pressure that could possibly be estimated everyday on it use. People around the world are looking for ways to escape the problems involved by looking out for faster internet connections so as to do their work faster. These groups of people are dominated by students and business peoples.
More to this point most of the internet users are relying on 2G network that proved very fast internet service from its beginning but today there is nothing to speak for on it speed that it offers to us. This weakness of the 2G today could be as a result of some few reasons and the most obvious one could be the conjunctions on its services, we can also say that its network strength could be really bad in some remote areas.
Most of these problems with the 2G connections are still lying unsolved and to me all as a result of the speed at which new technologies are coming up, no single business body will like to waste time to fix these problems whilst other might be diving into more interesting and profit driven inventions to satisfy the demand of mobile communication in the whole world, as we can see 3G was around and now we are even talking about 4G mobile internet connection, the one you can give a name like “the Bolt Speed” or anything of the sort .
Well enough of the long talk!
In this article am going to talk about some of the ways, tips and tricks you could practice and enjoy these mobile internet services by maintaining a reasonable speed whilst surfing the internet.

1. Good internet settings with preferred network

If you are really looking to have a higher speed of your mobile internet service, you need a good network setting from your phone. We are lucky we are talking about 4G networks that are coming with new mobile devices and even the service can be installed on our Mobile SIM cards if we don’t have it on our devices currently. 4G is the way to go if you have such option in the internet settings and if not, 3G is faster than 2G, so your preferences and choices would have to count for your internet speed here.

2. Avoid loading unnecessary images as much as possible by enabling Text mode Browsing

If you are surfing the internet for just text purposes and you want to enjoy fast speed? Disabling the image loading on your phone browser will be the good thing that sets you aside among a lot of internet users who are looking for better speed for their purpose.

3. Clearing the Cache of your browser as well as your android phone

Freeing some cache space may probably speed your internet services because the cache itself occupies some internal space and most often we are not aware of them and after making sure that we observe data storage on our device, we still face some issues of slow running of our mobile device as a result of space occupied by cache memory which in turns can slow down our internet speed. So clearing the cache might do you some good enjoying your internet speed.

4. Use Data Preferred settings

This option we often see on our mobile device has a meaning as to speed up data transfer transaction on our Android mobile devices. You could reverse it back to call preferred if you are looking to speed up your call qualities over that of your internet services.

5. Uninstall or disable some background app from running

Some less used apps on your mobile devices can compete with your active apps whilst using the internet service. It is good practice to periodically checking to disable or stop some unnecessary apps from running on your android mobile device so as to pave a way for the current and active once to have a powerful and smooth running. But you need to be very careful here not to disable any android system app that will result in malfunctioning of your android device.

6. Use Fast a good browsers

It is always important to use good browsers on your android phone, there are good number of browsers out there in the store so your ability to use the faster ones will play a role in the internet speed that you enjoy. Some few recommended once can be Chrome browser which is noted to be fast, UC Browser and Opera Mini can equally help you achieve what we are all looking for.

7. Internet speed Booster Apps

In your android play store you will find some good number of apps that might help you speed up your internet services. Some are beautifully designed to seriously do the dirty work on the phones or your Android device background memory to enable you enjoys a good speed. So you cannot take it off the radar if you really want to enjoy it all.

8. Install Ad-Blocker

Ad Blocker will definitely stop ads from showing on your sites that you visit. And we all know ads are mostly images and lightweight converted videos that show up on ours visited sites as advertisement for businesses and others. Installing an app to block those features that come in uninvited will safeguard you from you internet not just running to fish anything you don’t probably have interest in.
I hope with these few simple tricks you enjoy your Android device’ internet speed with ease. Until next time, keep watch and if you have any other experiences not enumerated above please you are invited to share them bellow in the comment section.


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