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Useful Google Apps you may not know about

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If you are an internet user, just take a second to imagine the world of internet without the word Google. I began to know Google as a search engine and today I cannot possibly tell you what exactly this company can do or cannot do but for the little I know and am going to tell you about, about two third of all internet users life now depend on Google and I personally think they are just getting started with all their inventories and unsatisfactions in the services they provide to mankind and soon beyond every doubt they are going to own or be a share holder in every emerging technology.
Some few reasons of writing about this are to bring some awareness on some of the possible success of Google up to date in the history of the internet.
To get started with let’s see the meaning of Google (Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth) now let’s also all agree that Most of Google Products are for free and I use them all the time at the expense of similar once which do not go for free or some being demo versions but not full packages as Google will offer you when the need arises. Either you like these apps or not they are my favorites and you need to reconsider again because most out there might not be economical or beneficial to you.

1. Google Search engine

Google Search Image

Do you really want me to talk about Google search engine? I don’t think so, Why ? because “just open your browser and type www.google.com in your address bar” when it loads down type anything on your mind or you would like to know about and hit enter, tell me “how did that go for you?”. Even most of the search engines brings back results pointing to Google search engine. I can’t say much here because you have to find out yourself and believe me it really does good to your mind when you are in much doubt about a lot of things.

2. Google Books

Google Books

You can’t just believe it, if you love reading this is the best place for you, you will find tones of books including those you only heard of, but not read them yet or could not find them on the internet at least to open the first page but just a look at the cover and you are asked to pay before you have access to the contents. Google books will make you always come back to its libraries.

3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

A free browser designed by Google if you are not using by now then I bet you are probably missing out a lot of fun when it comes to internet browsers. A lot I cannot talk about right now on Chrome browser just grab yourself a copy right now and start your fun. A very fast and reliable but young browser I have ever seen.

4. Google Mail


I call it the big mail server but not the oldest that even makes it stronger since it is a young thing, that was just for fun but the point of this the faster mail server I have ever seen is Gmail. Not just the reliable and secure mail server to me but the more functionality it brings together with its different apps alone satisfies my needs. Gmail has the ability to filter mails to your own preference. All my talks will make sense when you begin to have fun I mean real fun with Gmail.

5. Google+


I told you earlier Google has a little it of everything and soon will own a lot of them. You can think of Google+ as a social network platform that brings a lot of different people together for various and different purposes.

6 .Google Translate

Google Translate

Don’t worry if you don’t speak French and you are locked behind a language that makes you seek at a time but its contents are very important to you. The simplest thing you could do is to copy the text and paste into Google translate and there you go the magic is right before you.

7.Google Drives

Google Drives

Oh my God ! I told you if you need some free things then go to Google. This app gives you up to 15 Gigs of free space to store your important files that you cannot keep off line, I mean your documents, apps and the rest you think you can need anytime when you are not roaming with your laptops. Just sign in to your Gmail account and Google gives you a free and enough space in the cloud to back some few important files of yours.

8.Google Docs

Google Docs

Another killer app you cannot afford not to use. This simply reads your documents being it Excel Spreadsheet, presentations, drawings etc…. online and you can download them as well.

9. Google Calendar

Google Calander

You can schedule your events, to do list and time tables with this app and share with other users and even make it part of your website

10. Google Blogger

google Blogger

I keep saying most of the things on Google are for free, to be a professional blogger you need a dedicated web server for your hosting, of which the best ones to consider are not for free but when you run to Google there is always a place for you to even be a blogger without spending any financials on your blog at least not until you are ready to do so. A little secrete that can be obvious is that you might not worry that much about indexing of your website since the company is even the server on which you are blogging.

Important bonus

I planned to talk about ten apps but I cannot leave you with this important one that you might not probably heard of.
Google AdSense

Google Adsense

On top of all these free apps Google is offering you the company is ready to pay you if you have a niche website or any type that is truly original and brings at least readers to your site. Google makes that possible through placing some ads on your site according to the website category and pays you some money for doing so.
In as much as I would like to talk about a lot of apps and innovations Google has come up with am giving you a list of some of the important ones you would like to find out about and start using them to make your life really simple.
This link below will open your mind more about Google and its Apps and hardware that I will talk about the next time.


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