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You are not compelled to know how a website works but you might have an idea of what a website is or even browse through them couple of times. To be very brief we will take a short look at few things you need to know before we get on with the real business here. Let me properly introduce this page by saying that you are Welcome to a small platform of Basic Web Development Tips, Tutorials and Learning site point.
In here we are going to use a web development platform called WORDPRESS and use HTML5, JAVASCRIPT and CSS without forgeting some PHP CODES to drive it beyond the normal boundaries of using plug-in by having full control over the platform that will enable you develop systems that you might wonder if they could be possible by using Just a WORDPRESS environment to achieve.
On this website I linked some systems developed and powered by EDCARTECH, you could feel free and explore the beauty of it and be inspired to achieve even more in that perspectives. To have a look please move to our systems or follow this link to the page. In the mean time let’s get started with our little web development platform.

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