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Edcartech school management system

EDCARTECH SCHOOL MANGEMENT SYSTEM has been developed so as to help improve on the efficiency and speed in the undertakings of normal school environment. This software once in use enables the school management to access all the necessary files and documents of different departments or sections in the school. All the essential documents are to be stored in the system and all transactions are to be undertaken by the system hence making the school offices paperless offices. Implementation of this software will not only speed up activities in the school environment but also make the management of the school save time to attend to other matters. Another important feature of this software is that it allows the management of the school to view various reports of various departments or sections of the school.
This software also includes a module that handles the office accounts and gives various reports on it. Some modern schools now are doing so well with improved technology which enables activities in the school to be faster, more accurate, more efficient and more reliable.
The school management software is integrated into different modules, whereby different departments or sections are incorporated in the central system for instance the various departments in the school environment can be accessed through the central system by the administrator or the management of the school but the departments or sections can only access the information that is only related to it and not other departments or sections. The system is designed to have maximum security whereby nobody can hack or tamper with it. This is achieved through the use of passwords and firewalls that are incorporated in the system to achieve maximum security. The system will allow the whole school fraternity to interact with it in that the students will have all their information stored in it, the teachers as well as the subordinates will also have all their relevant information stored in it.
The System also have a module that communicates with the parents by a very accurate and cheaper way of sending a bulk SMS Message to parents informing them of any upcoming event or individual message if needed, by a simple internet connection and a cheap purchase of message bundle, which is far cheaper than sending printed materials to parents, eventually involving into a lot of issues where some of those information do not even cross the border of the school premises.
Information of the system is accessed by the use of a username and password and all the system computers will be networked to a central server where all information are stored and updated from time to time, the central sever can only be accessed by the administrator and the management for security purpose. All other sections will use the designated password to access the system information that is relevant to them.

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