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How to use wp_remote_get() Function to get the raw response from the HTTP

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There isn’t a decent measure of data on wp_remote_get() in the codex. you can Investigate this yourself to understand better with the link bellow:


After you’ve utilized this function, the data it returns must be organized positively or you won’t have the capacity to do anything with it.

wp_remote_get() Basics

We should begin with a basic understanding:

With this Function, we’re utilizing wp_remote_get() to recover our URL. On the off chance that there’s a blunder, we show the primary sentence. On the off chance that it worked, we show the second sentence.

Very little incentive in that, so we require a couple of more lines of code.

What Comes Next?

When we recover information from the URL, we have to design it accurately.

After we recovget our information, we use wp_remote_retrieve_body() and json_decode() to process it and get what we require.

We can even go beyond and show our information.

This we’ll show the variety of information that was returned.


When you have to guide into an API or recover information from a URL, wp_remote_get() is the capacity you require. Simply recollect that you’ll additionally need to make a couple of more strides to get to the real information you need.

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