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How to Create Simple 3D Text in Photoshop

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As Adobe Photoshop suit being an amazing graphic design tool, many of us still rely on looking at advance ways of getting visual graphics. forgetting the most basic and simple elements and tools in Photoshop that builds our experiences. In this short and simple tutorial am going to show you how to make a text into 3D form.
Note: Tools needed
Adobe Photoshop suit (you can get the CSS3 portable version from the link bellow https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2_DQmuprDoiWWhkUE9ZOVNmWEk/edit )
Or should you be interested in the CSS4 portable version follow the link bellow

Step 1: Now that you have what it takes, just run the downloaded portable version of any of the versions

Step 2: when the main page of the system gets opened, click on file at the topmost left corner after the PS logo. Look for “new” and open a new file by specifying your desire document size

Step3: next to do is to look down to your left panel and select you “type tool”, right click and select you desire format but in this tutorial case am going to use the vertical type tool. Click back in your new document to see you text cursor, Type any text of your choice and click back to the marquee tool located at the top of the left panel with a dashed rectangle you will see the descriptions as you hover the tools.

Step4: look back in your right panel to see your newly created layer, click to highlight and right click on the selected layer, look through to select “Rasterize type” to clear the white background to your text.

Step5: go back to the top where you selected “file” in step 1 and click on the “edit” behind file, look through the list and click on “transform” but not free transform then move to “Perspective” and transform the direction of your text by clicking on the small boxes around your text and dragging it to your preferred directions and click back on your marquee tool (the dashed square at the left panel) upon any notification just click on apply.

Step6: Now comes the fun part and you need to be very vigilant here, Right click on your layer and duplicate it by clicking on “Duplicate Layer…” , repeat this action for about five times but you can duplicate as many times as you want realizing that the more you duplicate the layer the more ticker your Text becomes.

Step7: select all the duplicated layers by pressing control (ctrl) key and clicking on the layers to select all and remember not to select the last layer which is the original layer, now right click and select “merge layers” from the list. You will realize all the selected layers now become one leaving the original one out.

Step8: Now all you need to do is to select any of the layers and apply some style to it by clicking on “fx” bellow after selecting the layer and clicking on blending option and play around the look of your text.

Step9: now to see your 3D text design just click on one of the layers and detach it from each other by either using your arrow keys on the key board after clicking on the “move tool” on top of the marquee tool with a black pointer arrow.
Note : at every action make sure you click on the right layer as highlighted in blue indicating that any transformation you do takes effect as far as expecting result is concerned.
I hope doing just as I instructed will get you a better result even more than what I anticipated.
Any question or problem in the process is welcome just comment bellow and rate this instructions.


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