edcartech.com,with,Adjustable,Spring,Ultra-Tow,Axle,2000-Lb.,$52,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/hydrophorous1429175.html,Capacity,Trailer edcartech.com,with,Adjustable,Spring,Ultra-Tow,Axle,2000-Lb.,$52,Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/hydrophorous1429175.html,Capacity,Trailer Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Over item handling Spring with Adjustable Axle Trailer $52 Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Spring Trailer Axle with Adjustable Automotive Exterior Accessories $52 Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Spring Trailer Axle with Adjustable Automotive Exterior Accessories Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Over item handling Spring with Adjustable Axle Trailer

Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Over item handling Spring with Adjustable Columbus Mall Axle Trailer

Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Spring Trailer Axle with Adjustable


Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Spring Trailer Axle with Adjustable

Product description

The rugged Ultra-Tow spring trailer axle with adjustable spring mounts features Fast Lube spindles that allow you to re-grease the bearings without removing the hubs (hubs not included). Stainless steel wear sleeves prevent rust from wearing on the rubber oil seal. Adjustable spring mounts offer a variety of mounting positions. Square tube steel axle is hot dip galvanized, has adjustable spring centers and can be under or over slung. Axle includes castle nuts, cotter pins, and washers. Made in U.S.A.

Ultra-Tow 2000-Lb. Capacity Spring Trailer Axle with Adjustable

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