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Multi-grid Breakfast Frying Pan Cheap mail order sales Special Selling rankings Steak Omelett

Multi-grid Breakfast Frying Pan Steak Frying Pan Special Omelett


Multi-grid Breakfast Frying Pan Steak Frying Pan Special Omelett

Product description


◆ Three-in-one frying pan
Three-in-one multifunctional frying pan. Food in functional zones is not tainted.

◆ Medical stone coating
Non-sticky spreading, not easy to burn; non-stick bottom; healthy frying pan, quick cleaning.

◆ No-rivets Design amp; Thick Rim
All-in-one design, no rivets and avoids rust, easy to clean up and maintain.

◆ Anti-scald hanging hole handle
Heat-insulating resin material is effective and convenient for scalding prevention. Hanging hole handle for hanging storage.

◆ One-piece pot bottom
The integrated bottom of the pot is heated evenly, and it is not easy to burn.

Product name: three grid frying pan
Material: aluminum alloy /maifan stone non-stick coating
Pot mouth diameter: about49*5CM
Be applicable: gas stove, electric ceramic stove, induction cooker, electric stove

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Multi-grid Breakfast Frying Pan Steak Frying Pan Special Omelett

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