$56 Norton 35072 7" X 5/16" 20 3-1/2 DURITE Floor Sanding DISC PK 1/ Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories 7",DISC,20,$56,Sanding,DURITE,35072,edcartech.com,X,Floor,Norton,1/,3-1/2,PK,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,5/16",/greenwood1429047.html 7",DISC,20,$56,Sanding,DURITE,35072,edcartech.com,X,Floor,Norton,1/,3-1/2,PK,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,5/16",/greenwood1429047.html Norton 35072 7" X 5 16" 20 3-1 1 Sanding DURITE Popular DISC PK 2 Floor Norton 35072 7" X 5 16" 20 3-1 1 Sanding DURITE Popular DISC PK 2 Floor $56 Norton 35072 7" X 5/16" 20 3-1/2 DURITE Floor Sanding DISC PK 1/ Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories

Norton 35072 7

Norton 35072 7" X 5/16" 20 3-1/2 DURITE Floor Sanding DISC PK 1/


Norton 35072 7" X 5/16" 20 3-1/2 DURITE Floor Sanding DISC PK 1/

Product description

Use to sand floors between coats of finish to remove "picture framing" effects left by belt, drum and edger machines and to achieve a professional and smooth high-gloss floor finish.

Norton 35072 7" X 5/16" 20 3-1/2 DURITE Floor Sanding DISC PK 1/

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