Kettle,Car,/folly1432263.html,Orange,Car,Displ,$28,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Temperature,Kettle,,Electric,EVTSCAN $28 EVTSCAN Car Kettle, Orange Car Electric Kettle Temperature Displ Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining EVTSCAN Courier shipping free shipping Car Kettle Orange Temperature Displ Electric Kettle,Car,/folly1432263.html,Orange,Car,Displ,$28,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Temperature,Kettle,,Electric,EVTSCAN $28 EVTSCAN Car Kettle, Orange Car Electric Kettle Temperature Displ Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining EVTSCAN Courier shipping free shipping Car Kettle Orange Temperature Displ Electric

EVTSCAN Mail order cheap Courier shipping free Car Kettle Orange Temperature Displ Electric

EVTSCAN Car Kettle, Orange Car Electric Kettle Temperature Displ


EVTSCAN Car Kettle, Orange Car Electric Kettle Temperature Displ

Product description


Item Type: Car Kettle
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Weight: Approx. 804g / 28.4oz
Product Size: Approx. 10x24.5cm / 3.9x9.6in
Color: Orange
Plug: Cigarette Lighter
Voltage: DC12V
Capacity: 800ML
Power: 120W
Cover with built-in lithium battery 18650
Battery capacity: 2450mAh

How to Use:
Fill in the water, close the lid, insert the power cord plug into the electric kettle socket, plug the other end of the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket, the red indicator light will turn on to start heating, after heating to 100℃, it will automatically cut off the power, the red indicator The light goes out, and when the temperature is lower than 80 degrees, it will boil again and so on.

Package List:

1 x

EVTSCAN Car Kettle, Orange Car Electric Kettle Temperature Displ

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