NEW before selling ☆ FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror Distressed Round M 22" Gold Bronze $45 FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror, Distressed Gold Bronze, 22" Round M Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $45 FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror, Distressed Gold Bronze, 22" Round M Home Kitchen Home Décor Products NEW before selling ☆ FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror Distressed Round M 22" Gold Bronze $45,Round,,Decorative,Distressed,Mirror,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,M,Bronze,,/folly1429363.html,Gold,Wall,22",FUIN $45,Round,,Decorative,Distressed,Mirror,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,M,Bronze,,/folly1429363.html,Gold,Wall,22",FUIN

NEW before selling ☆ FUIN Decorative Special sale item Wall Mirror Distressed Round M 22

FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror, Distressed Gold Bronze, 22" Round M


FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror, Distressed Gold Bronze, 22" Round M

Product Description


Why you'll Love it

With its slim frame, rounded edges and minimalist design, our Framed Wall Mirror adds a neutral-yet-polished touch behind a sofa, above a bathroom sink or next to a coat rack in the entryway. It comes in a variety of finishes so that you can pick the color that complements your home's decor best

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32 Inches Round Metal Frame, Dimgray Wood Frame Round Wall Accent Mirror 32 Inches Distressed Gold Round Metal Frame Distressed Gold, 22 Inches Round Metal Frame 32 Inches Round Metal Frame, for Contemporary Bedroom Bathroom Vanity Entryway 22 Inches Round Metal Frame, for Contemporary Bedroom Bathroom Vanity Entryway
Material Solid Metal Wood, Mdf Solid Metal Solid Metal Solid Metal Solid Metal
Style Contemporary Retro Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary
Frame Material Metal Wood Metal Metal Metal Metal
Item Weight 19.64 Pounds 11.46 Pounds 15 Pounds 15 Pounds 15 Pounds 8.95 Pounds

FUIN Decorative Wall Mirror, Distressed Gold Bronze, 22" Round M

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