salad,Vegetable,$79,,/depilator2013395.html,Lettuce,Spinner,Large,Capacity,spinner,S,Washer,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer Lettuce Large Capacity Max 63% OFF S salad,Vegetable,$79,,/depilator2013395.html,Lettuce,Spinner,Large,Capacity,spinner,S,Washer,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $79 salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer, Large Capacity Lettuce S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer Lettuce Large Capacity Max 63% OFF S $79 salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer, Large Capacity Lettuce S Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer Lettuce specialty shop Large Capacity Max 63% OFF S

salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer, Large Capacity Lettuce S


salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer, Large Capacity Lettuce S

Product description


Non-Slip: Soft, non-slip pump locks flat for compact storage
and the non-slip base keeps the Spinner steady on countertops.
Fittings: The crystal-clear bowl is perfect for a single-serving,
and the basket can be used separately as a colander.
Easy-To-Clean: Lid comes apart for thorough cleaning and is top-rack dishwasher safe.
Size: About 20x24x18cm/7.87x9.45x7.09 inches.

salad spinner Vegetable Spinner Washer, Large Capacity Lettuce S

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