Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - Rose Can 6 Pink Milwaukee Mall Pack /coaffirmation2013335.html,6,Can,Pack,Pillar,Rose,Timberline,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,-,Pillar,-,$28,Pink,Hyoola,Candles,edcartech.com /coaffirmation2013335.html,6,Can,Pack,Pillar,Rose,Timberline,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,-,Pillar,-,$28,Pink,Hyoola,Candles,edcartech.com $28 Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - 6 Pack - Rose Pink Pillar Can Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $28 Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - 6 Pack - Rose Pink Pillar Can Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - Rose Can 6 Pink Milwaukee Mall Pack

Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Rose Can 6 Pink Milwaukee Mall Pack

Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - 6 Pack - Rose Pink Pillar Can


Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - 6 Pack - Rose Pink Pillar Can

Product description


Hyoola European Timberline Pillar Candles are the perfect addition to any occasion, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that lights up any environment. Made in Europe by a brand you can trust, these candles are made with premium high quality paraffin wax for a long lasting clean and efficient burn.

About This Product:

- Timberline Pillar Candles
- Rose Pink
- Rustic Design
- 100% Paraffin Wax
- Lead-free 100% Cotton Wick
- Non-toxic
- Unscented Candles
- Dripless Candles
- 27 Hour Burn Time
- Indoor / Outdoor Use
- Self Extinguishing
- 6 Pack

Great For Decorating Special Events
- Weddings
- Holiday Dinners
- candles for home
- Rustic Home Decor
- Parties
- Spa's
- Bath Candle Set
- Event planners
- Unity candle
- Restaurants
- Emergency Candles For Blackouts

▪️ 2.5" diameter x 3.5" height (65mm x 90mm)

SafeCandle Certified and Patented

Self-extinguishing pillars with an integrated wick holder, which stops the wax supply to the wick and thus “stifles” the large pillar candles. This innovative and patented system is DEKRA tested and 100% made in Europe! The burning wick cannot tip over due to the integrated wick holder and extinguishes by itself after burning. This considerably reduces the risk of fire. In addition, the wick holder does not transmit any heat downwards! Candlesticks can always be cleaned without residue, since no liquid wax remains on the plates. Our SafeCandle products can be attached directly to wreaths or arrangements with a floral wire.

Invest in the best! Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles bulk are made from high quality wax to ensure premium burning.

Ignite your creativity with Hyoola Candles! Great quality materials mixed with incredible utility will brighten up your days!

Hyoola Timberline Pillar Candles - 6 Pack - Rose Pink Pillar Can

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