Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Treasure Old On Map Sales results No. 1 $49 Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Old Treasure Map On Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Treasure Old On Map Sales results No. 1 $49 Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Old Treasure Map On Home Kitchen Home Décor Products On,Treasure,Veronese,Bronze,$49,Craniumography,Map,,Old,Design,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Finish,/cinnamene1429094.html On,Treasure,Veronese,Bronze,$49,Craniumography,Map,,Old,Design,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Finish,/cinnamene1429094.html

Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Treasure Old On Map Max 57% OFF Sales results No. 1

Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Old Treasure Map On


Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Old Treasure Map On

Product description

Pirates are known to be sly, especially when it comes to treasure. Who would think to carve a map leading the way to buried treasures? A pirate, of course! Sure to keep you on course on your next treasure seeking adventure, this skull bears a secret map and shows where treasure might be hidden, though it may already have been raided. The 6 inch long, 4.5 inch high, 4.25 inch wide Craniumography skull statue is made of cold cast bronze, giving it the look of real metal with a lustrous finish. It's a fun piece for Halloween, and perfect for any skull decor collector. It's an impressive decoration piece, just beware of skull stealing treasure hunting pirates.

Veronese Design Bronze Finish Craniumography Old Treasure Map On

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