Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,Day,45#,Carnival,Manual,Cylinder,Steel,,$127,Jack,,/chaulmoogric2013409.html,Hydraul,Valentine's $127 Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Jack, Manual Hydraul Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Challenge the lowest price of Japan Manual Jack Hydraul Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Challenge the lowest price of Japan Manual Jack Hydraul $127 Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Jack, Manual Hydraul Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,Day,45#,Carnival,Manual,Cylinder,Steel,,$127,Jack,,/chaulmoogric2013409.html,Hydraul,Valentine's

Valentine's Bombing new work Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Challenge the lowest price of Japan Manual Jack Hydraul

Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Jack, Manual Hydraul


Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Jack, Manual Hydraul

Product description


1. Ideal for a variety of car repairs, car body, frame repair and construction work, etc
2. The hydraulic jack and hydraulic pump are separate for easy carrying or moving
3. The maximum load of the hydraulic jack is 10T.
4. The long handle hydraulic pump saves more energy during operation
5. High quality material can make sure the durability and stability of the product


Item Type: Hydraulic Jack, Manual Hydraulic Pump
Material: Cylinder 45# Steel, Piston 40Cr Steel
Hydraulic Jack Parameters:
Tonnage: 10t
Effective Area: 15.89cm²
Cylinder Inner Diameter: 45mm
Cylinder Outer Diameter: 83x62mm
Stroke: 11mm
Body Height: 53mm
Manual Hydraulic Pump Parameters:
Oil Storage Capacity: 350CC
Function Description:
Operating Output Pressure: 700Kg/cm.
It adopts 1.2M high pressure oil pipe with quick connector.
Use R32R Special Grade Oil Or SHLLT-15.
Zg3/8 thread.
Oil must be changed every six months

Package List:

1 X 10T Hydraulic Jack

1 X Manual Hydraulic Pump

2 X English Manual

Valentine's Day Carnival Cylinder 45# Steel Jack, Manual Hydraul

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