Vase Home Wedding sale Event Thick Glass Floral Va Arrangements Clear $33 Vase Home Wedding Event Thick Clear Glass Floral Arrangements Va Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Clear,Home,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,/chaulmoogric2013109.html,Wedding,Arrangements,Event,Vase,Floral,$33,Va,Thick,Glass Clear,Home,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,,/chaulmoogric2013109.html,Wedding,Arrangements,Event,Vase,Floral,$33,Va,Thick,Glass Vase Home Wedding sale Event Thick Glass Floral Va Arrangements Clear $33 Vase Home Wedding Event Thick Clear Glass Floral Arrangements Va Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Vase Home Wedding sale Surprise price Event Thick Glass Floral Va Arrangements Clear

Vase Home Wedding Event Thick Clear Glass Floral Arrangements Va


Vase Home Wedding Event Thick Clear Glass Floral Arrangements Va

Product description

Vase Home Wedding Event Thick Clear Glass Floral Arrangements
Easily fill this vase with twigs, flowers, or flowering branches.
So tall and chic
The handblown glass adds to the uniqueness of each vase
Size: 17” (H) x 2.75” (W - base) x 2.25” (opening)

Vase Home Wedding Event Thick Clear Glass Floral Arrangements Va

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