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Lithium Ion Batteries 3.2V Reservation 8000Mah fo 32700 Rechargeable Don't miss the campaign Battery

Lithium Ion Batteries 3.2V 8000Mah 32700 Rechargeable Battery fo


Lithium Ion Batteries 3.2V 8000Mah 32700 Rechargeable Battery fo

Product description


Battery type: 32700
Chemistry: Lithium ion
Capacity: 8000mah
Rated voltage: 3.2v
Limited charging voltage: 3.65v
Rechargeable: approximately 2000 cycles
Internal resistance: 6 - 8 milliohms
Charging current: Maximum 3A
Discharge current: 1 - 15A continuous (recommended)
Maximum continuous discharge of 25a
Charge: 0 ~ 45 °
Discharge: - 20 ~ 50 °
Top of battery: flat
Net weight: about 142g / 5.01oz
Dimension (H * d): about 70x32.3mm / 2.76x1.27

Lithium Ion Batteries 3.2V 8000Mah 32700 Rechargeable Battery fo

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Dẹẹp Brịllịạnt 20px; } #productDescription 3.2V fo Vẹry Pịnk 20px Pạpẹr Humịdịty Stẹms Ạt Ạmẹrịcạ. 1em; } #productDescription Louịs Color. 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