YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB SMD 5050 unisex Waterproof 28 YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB SMD 5050 unisex Waterproof 28 $102 YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB Waterproof SMD 5050 28 Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans 15m,/Adigei2013377.html,RGB,10m,LED,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,YYZWNC,WiFi,$102,with,edcartech.com,Light,5050,Waterproof,5m,28,SMD $102 YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB Waterproof SMD 5050 28 Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans 15m,/Adigei2013377.html,RGB,10m,LED,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,YYZWNC,WiFi,$102,with,edcartech.com,Light,5050,Waterproof,5m,28,SMD

YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with San Diego Mall RGB SMD 5050 unisex Waterproof 28

YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB Waterproof SMD 5050 28


YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB Waterproof SMD 5050 28

Product description

★Wifi wireless smart controller: Download the APP, you can easily change the color, brightness, color temperature of the LED light bar, change the mode, change the speed, support microphone, music and timer mode. By using 1 APP, you can set up groups to control multiple wifi light bars at the same time. If your phone is not a spare, you can use the 24-key remote control (included).
★Application: The perfect wifi rgb strip light can decorate home, living room, dining room, bedroom, upstairs, kitchen, porch, party, wedding, under cabinet, hotel, club, shopping center, karaoke, holiday, decoration, etc. Every 3 LEDs can be cut according to the cutting mark without damaging the remaining strips.
★Music and timer mode: Through the microphone and music mode, the color will change sensitively with the perception of sound and rhythm. You can also set the led strip to power on/off or change the mode at any time by using the timer mode.
★Use with Alexa: Voice control the bar light by talking with Amazon Alexa, speak your needs, control the LED light bar by voice, turn on/off the light, change the color and dim/bright the LED bar light.
★Easy to install: equipped with wifi controller, 24-key remote control, adapter and 2*16.4ft led light bar, just connect wifi controller, adapter and rgb light bar, then download APP and use mobile phone to connect wifi controller, then You can use it!

Occasion: Living room
Power consumption (W/m): 4W/m
Color temperature (K): RGB LED
Voltage: 12 volts
Specification (lamp beads/meter): 5m/roll
Battery (CR2025): Does not include battery
Application: Merry Christmas
LED lights with Halloween
LED light strip LED type: SMD 5050 (with white light) 5M/roll or 10M/roll
5M = 16.4ft
10M = 32.8ft
15M = 49.2ft
20M = 65.6ft
LED type: SMD 2835 (no white light) 5M/roll or 10M/roll
5M = 16.4 feet
10M = 32.8 feet
15M = 49.2 feet
20M = 65.6 feet
(PS: SMD2835 has no w

YYZWNC 5m 10m 15m WiFi LED Light with RGB Waterproof SMD 5050 28

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